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Dongbo Xi is a research engineer in Meituan. Before joining Meituan, he received M.S. degree under the supervision of Prof. Qing He and Fuzhen Zhuang in the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICT, CAS) in 2020 and B.S. degree in  Computer Science and Technology from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) in 2017.



His research interests include Recommender Systems and Transfer Learning.



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[11] Translation of Chapter 15 and 17 in the book "Transfer Learning". [book]

Under Review
[1] Dongbo Xi, Fuzhen Zhuang, Yongchun Zhu, Pengpeng Zhao, Xiangliang Zhang, Qing He: Graph Factorization Machines for Cross-Domain Recommendation. [paper]



· 2019-2020: Ant Financial Security Special Research Fund
We focus on the fraud detection tasks in a world-leading e-commerce platform LAZADA. We not only solve the fraud detection task in one country, but also cross-border fraud detection. Our work has been accepted by TheWebConf2020, SIGIR2020 and AAAI2021. Besides, we won the first place in the Ant Financial Security Special Research Fund (1/19).



· Research intern at Ant Financial Services Group, 2019.
· Research intern at Baidu, 2018.



· Meituan Financial New Star (美团金服新星)
· Excellent Award of President of Chinese Academy of Sciences (中国科学院院长优秀奖)
· National Scholarship (国家奖学金)
· National Encouragement Scholarship (国家励志奖学金)
· Master's Award of E fund (易方达金融科技硕士生奖)
· CATIC Scholarship (中航技奖学金)
· Merit Student many times (多次三好学生)
· Multiple First-class Scholarships (多次一等奖学金)
· AAAI2019 Scholarship 
· The First Prize of the Third National University Mobile Internet Application Development Innovation Competition (第三届MIAC全国高校移动互联网应用开发创新大赛一等奖)



· 宋博文,奚冬博:一种私有数据保护的模型学习方法、装置及系统 - 202010198214.X 审中-实审.
· 张颖而,奚冬博,陈振,燕鹏:一种信息推荐的方法及装置 - 202011479723.6 审中-公开.



· 美团北斗.
· 阿里A+.
· 华为星.
· ...


Journal and Conference Reviewer

· AAAI 2021.
· AAAI 2022.



Block B, Hengdian Building, No.4, Wangjing East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China



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